Drug Offences

Two words: mandatory sentencing.

That alone is enough to know that any drug offence should quickly and vigorously fought with every tool at your disposal.

Having served on both sides of the aisle, Greg Bell can offer you keen insight into the prosecution’s case against you. If there are any holes in their story, any discrepancy in their accounts, any assumptions of guilt before all the facts are in – no matter how small - Bell Law will fight to have the charges against
you dropped.

Drug offences don’t have to be a stain on your record

  • Felony possession
  • Possession or delivery of marijuana, methamphetamine, crack cocaine, cocaine and other street drugs
  • Possession of Pseudoephedrine, a precursor to methamphetamine
  • Prescription drug offense charges

Payment Plans Available

Remember, the justice system is over-worked and under-staffed and the burden of proof fall squarely on their shoulders.

  • DUI Representation - DUIs don’t have to be a stain on your record - Was the stop legal? Was the search of your person legal? Were your rights denied during the arrest?
  • Serious Felony – Representation for murder, manslaughter, sex offenses, child abuse / neglect, assault, domestic assault, illegal search and seizure, and fraud - serious accusations require a serious defense
  • Traffic Citations - License suspension for multiple moving violations, license suspension for serious speeding violations, license revocation, drug conviction-related loss of license, driving while barred, and driving with a revoked license - Driving Safely is a Fluid Situation – let us help the court understand why you were pulled over
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